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Your Dreams. Our Mission

To help you achieve your dreams, we will review and analyse your academic, professional, financial circumstances along with your desired study and career plan.

According to your needs and aspirations, we will assist you in selecting a suitable course and place of study that will help you develop your skills and increase your knowledge in your desired profession. 

Our dedicated and experienced counsellors are always ready to assist you at very step; from your first visit to our office, gathering the required documentation, process your admission or help you with visa procedures you might need.

You will find detail information through prospectuses, information sheets available at our office.

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Choosing the right course and the right place to study is a very important decision to make. But you do not need to stress about it, we will show you the best options so you can select the right course and then we will evaluate the best Educational provider for you, that allows you to have better opportunities in your career.


Depending upon your visa requirements and the course you are applying for, we gather all of the necessary documents so you can meet the student visa requirements.

We evaluate your background to make sure you comply with all the visa requirements, so we can get a successful application or outcome.

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The Australian Government requires all holders of a Student Visa to maintain OSHC (overseas student health cover) during their stay in Australia.

It is a visa requirement that students must obtain OSHC for the proposed duration of their student visa. Thus, at Edu Global Unlimited, we can help you select the most suitable and affordable cover for you.


This is a professional development program that helps graduates be job ready and develop industry specific skills to enhance their career. In addition, after the completion of a PY, the graduate gets 5 extra points to apply for their permanent residency.

At Edu Global Unlimited, we help you find and select the best Professional year program for you.

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