Our Objectives

As most of our clients are overseas students we understand that they need study plans and proper guidelines from the commencement of their study until they get their Permanent Residency or career goals. Pace Migration & Education Consultancy understands the confusion, frustration and time associated with the admission and visa application process, therefore, provides a fast, friendly, expert immigration advice and assistance for people seeking a visa to study or live permanently in Australia.

We are committed to working for the best interest of our clients and we adhere to the MARA Professional Code of Conduct at all times. We gladly provide a copy of the Code of Conduct to our clients. Alternatively, clients can download a free copy from www.themara.com.au. We also comply with the ESOS Act 2000 and National Code of Practice 2007 in addition to the Education Providers Policies and Procedures.

We take our time to understand clients’ strengths, weaknesses, needs, and expectations and enroll them into the appropriate courses ensuring it is aligned with their career goals. Many of our clients study with the intention of permanent migration to Australia. Therefore we carefully assess their skills (Education & work experience) and endeavor to find suitable study and migration pathways so that they can utilize their past skills to enhance their career and at the same time increase the chances of success in migration outcome. Thus, eliminate the current trend of a high rate of course changes and education provider transfers which is a save of time and money.

We passionately provide temporary and permanent migration services to skilled professionals and tradespeople who are already eligible to apply. As the current migration system is purely demand-driven and the migration regulations are constantly changing, therefore, a carefully constructed detail pans and professional advice are imperative to maximize the chance of visa success.